Wellness Instead Of Erotic

by Spa Sensuel | 25. April 2020
Social distance instead of human closeness – distance instead of warm embraces, that’s what it’s been called until now…

Now the situation is slowly changing.
From April 27th Spa Sensuel will open its doors again!

But things are not yet back to normal.

The situation in Switzerland remains classified as an “exceptional situation under the Epidemics Act”. For understandable reasons, massages where intimate physical closeness is essential cannot be offered at the moment.

However, loving touch and attention is more important than ever today! It conveys a feeling of security, safety and peace, promotes physical and mental health.

It will still take a while before we are able to pamper our guests again with intimate, passionate touch creations.
With dreamlike wellness massages and spa treatments, we already provide moments of happiness and good humour, for deep relaxation and well-being.
Of course, all hygiene and protective measures are observed.

Our Wellness-Massages

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