About The Tantramassage

by Spa Sensuel | 12. December 2019

What is a tantramassage?

Tantramassage is a holistic massage for women, men and couples. In contrast to classical massage forms, it consciously and naturally includes the intimate area and sexual desire. This makes the Tantra massage a unique sensual-erotic experience, a pleasurable journey through your own body. This massage offers you the opportunity to experience and enjoy yourself, your body and your sexuality in a completely new, intensive and lively way.

The origins

Tantramassage has its origins in the 70s in the environment of the Indian philosopher and mystic Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh). He studied and translated ancient tantric scriptures and reinterpreted them in the form of Neotantra – a contemporary form of Tantra that is accessible to Western understanding. Neotantra connects sexuality and spirituality and teaches a conscious use of the power of sexual energy. This can be awakened and used through massage, breathing techniques and meditation.

Tantramassage in Europe

At the end of the 70s, Andro (Andreas Rothe) – German tantric teacher and student of Osho – developed the tantric massage ritual known today. He founded the first tantric massage school in Germany and pioneered the spread of tantric massage throughout Europe.

The massage ritual

The Tantramassage as we practice it at Spa Sensuel Zurich begins with a short meditative introduction. This calms the senses and creates a gentle transition from stressful everyday life to the sensual ritual. You can let everything stressful in your life rest and devote yourself completely to relaxing, feeling and enjoying. Your senses are awakened and stimulated. With soothing sounds, fragrant aromas, hot cloths, silky fabrics and fluffy furs. Under the loving hands of your tantric masseuse you will slowly dive into the world of touch, tenderness and closeness. The masseuse creates your massage individually and intuitively, taking your wishes, preferences and limits into account. The most beautiful elements from the traditional massages of different cultures, combines them harmoniously with the touch techniques from the tantric and Taoist tradition.
Tantramassage is holistic in the truest sense of the word. From the tips of the toes to the tips of the hair – no part of the body is left out.

Yoni and Lingam massage

The focus of the sensual-erotic tantra massage is the extensive, varied massage of the genital area – yoni massage for women and lingam massage for men. Tantric intimate massage knows over 30 different grips and techniques and has little to do with simple manual stimulation. Yoni and lingam Massage offers you the opportunity to increase your ability to experience and enjoy sexuality much more intensively. Whether in deep relaxation and not focused on the climax, or dynamic and tingling with an intoxicating orgasm. All according to your wishes.

Who is the Tantramassage for?

For pleasure-loving and open-minded women, men and couples.

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