Erotic Massages For Women

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Sensual Celebration of the Feminine

Enjoy being a woman to the full at Spa Sensuel Zurich. We invite you to awaken and celebrate your femininity and sensuality.

Under the sensitive hands of an experienced masseuse, you can rediscover your wonderful body and experience completely new possibilities of female lust. Experience loving touches all over your body, in a safe environment and in complete relaxation. Without having to fulfil any expectations or give anything back.

Just enjoy a time full of sensuality and joy. Only for you!

As a woman you can enjoy every sensual massage from our offer. However, in order to optimally meet the needs of the female body, we recommend a massage duration of at least 90 minutes. We will be happy to give you comprehensive advice and put together a programme for you that is tailored to your individual wishes and needs. Talk to us.

Yoni Massage – The flower of sensitivity

The Yoni Massage includes the sensitive massage of the outer intimate area and is embedded in a sensual and soothing massage of the entire body.

This is very important for the preparation and “opening” of the yoni.

The stimulation begins with a gentle massage of the adjacent body areas.

At a gentle pace, all outer areas of the yoni are gradually touched, massaged, stroked and stimulated until the full bloom of sensitivity is reached.

60 minutes – CHF 250
90 minutes – CHF 350
120 minutes – CHF 450
150 minutes – CHF 550
180 minutes – CHF 650

G-Spot-Massage – The total revelation of sensitivity

This massage is an extension of the Yoni Massage.
It also includes the massage of the inner genital area.

Only after the stimulating touches of the entire body and the extensive massage of the outer yoni areas, the sensitive massage of the vagina and the G-spot begins.

For many women, their G-spot is still an unexplored area.

Stimulation of the G-spot can reveal to them another rich world of erotic feelings.

Through the sensitive massage of the corresponding body areas, the tissue awakens and unfolds its full sensitivity.

90 minutes – CHF 350
120 minutes – CHF 450
150 minutes – CHF 550
180 minutes – CHF 650

Pelvic floor massage – A unique and pleasurable experience

The pelvic floor and anal massage can be combined with the massage of the genital area.

You can make unique and pleasurable experiences and discover completely new ecstatic worlds of feeling for yourself.

A vital pelvic floor with good blood circulation is of central importance for a sexuality rich in pleasure and experience.

A strong, but still relaxed pelvic musculature increases the intensity of lovemaking and promotes the ability to achieve total orgasm.

90 minutes – CHF 350
120 minutes – CHF 450
150 minutes – CHF 550
180 minutes – CHF 650

You should also know

Each massage can also be experienced as a four-handed or pair massage.

  • Women’s massages are performed on a wide, heated futon mattress.
  • We always use natural, organic massage products, nourishing oils and moisturisers.
  • Every massage includes an extensive, varied massage of the genital and/or pelvic area.
  • The masseuse is unclothed throughout the massage.
  • We do not offer sexual exchange in the form of intercourse or oral sex.
  • We wear latex-free single use gloves for all anal massages.
  • The studio provides fresh bath towels, robes, slippers and ample body care products.
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