Sensual Wellness Massages

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Deep relaxation and pleasure

The most beautiful wellness massages and spa treatments are just waiting for you.

Our masseuses will skilfully pamper you with professional health and wellness massages combined with sensitive eroticism. They combine proven massage and relaxation techniques with highly erotic touching arts from the Far Eastern traditions.

In addition to the classic grip techniques, which have a beneficial effect on muscles and joints, every wellness massage at Spa Sensuel Zurich also includes sensual touches on the entire body and an extensive intimate massage.

Swedish massage – The most famous form of massage

This relaxing and soothing massage is probably the best known form of massage.

It helps you to relax in general and loosens your hardened muscles.

With a little massage oil and with kneading, stroking and tapping massage grips the muscles are loosened, the tissue is supplied with blood and the metabolism is stimulated.


30 minutes – CHF 150
45 minutes – CHF 200
60 minutes – CHF 250
90 minutes – CHF 350

Hot Stone – Proven since ancient times

For centuries people have been using hot stones to revitalize the body and to release stress-related tension.

In the Asian and American regions this treatment has been used for ages.

In this treatment, heated natural stones are placed on the energy centres of the body, while other stones and warm oil are used to massage specific areas of the body.

45 minutes – CHF 200
60 minutes – CHF 250
90 minutes – CHF 350
120 minutes – CHF 450

Lomi Lomi – The traditional South Sea massage

This art of massage found its way from Havaii to Europe some years ago.

Originally, Lomi Lomi was used in the upheavals of life, when one period of life ended and a new one began.

This South Sea massage takes place on a special and oiled base and is carried out with a lot of oil.

The massage is performed on and under the body.

60 minutes – CHF 250
90 minutes – CHF 350
120 minutes – CHF 450
150 minutes – CHF 550

Candle massage – To melt away

This heavenly massage is especially smooth and soothing.

Candle Wax Massage is performed with a nourishing, rich massage wax of organic quality.

The wax is heated and liquefied by the candle flame itself.

The melting, creamy, warm candle wax on your skin prepares an unforgettable sensual experience and makes you melt with pleasure.


45 minutes – CHF 220
60 minutes – CHF 270
90 minutes – CHF 370
120 minutes – CHF 470

Bamboo Massage – For severe tension

This extraordinary massage is performed with natural bamboo sticks in different sizes.

It has its origins in the tropics and Asia, where bamboo is a symbol of strength, prosperity and eternal youth.

The bamboo massage is a very deep and rather powerful massage, which releases tensions very effectively, improves blood circulation in the tissue and stimulates the lymph flow.

45 minutes – CHF 200
60 minutes – CHF 250
90 minutes – CHF 350
120 minutes – CHF 450

Herbal Stamps – Ancient Indian Healing Art

Ayurveda – an ancient Indian healing art – uses the power of herbs to detoxify the body and to reduce stress and tension.

The herbal stamp massage is performed with freshly prepared hot herbal bags.

The heat opens the pores so that the active ingredients of the herbs penetrate deep into the tissue, detoxifying it and stimulating the microcirculation of the cells.

45 minutes – CHF 210
60 minutes – CHF 260
90 minutes – CHF 360
120 minutes – CHF 460

You should also know

  • Each massage can also be experienced as a four-handed or pair massage.
  • Sensual wellness massages all take place on a wide, heated futon mattress.
  • Depending on the type of massage, we use organic massage oils and herbal essences, nourishing moisturisers and natural massage tools.
  • Every sensual wellness massage includes an extensive, varied massage of the genital area.
  • Your masseuse will be unclothed throughout the massage.
  • We do not offer sexual exchange in the form of intercourse or oral sex.
  • A pleasurable pelvic floor, anal and prostate massage can be added to any wellness massage longer than 60 minutes. These can be added at no additional cost.
  • The studio provides fresh bath towels, robes, slippers and ample body care products.
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