Sauna At Spa Sensuel Zurich

Your oasis of peace and relaxation

Immerse yourself in the world of harmony and deep relaxation.

Taking a sauna at Spa Sensuel Zurich is a sensual ritual for body, mind and soul.
Choose according to your mood whether you want to do yourself some good in the Finnish sauna, the steam bath or the infrared cabin.

Enjoy the soothing warmth with wonderful scents and atmospheric light shows. Your charming masseuse will pamper you with a delicious tea ceremony and bring you into deep relaxation with a gentle shoulder and neck massage.

Let your soul soar and then enjoy an unforgettable, erotic touch feast.

Finnish sauna – Hot and dry

The Finnish sauna, also called the classic sauna, promotes blood flow, stimulates circulation, cleanses the pores and purifies the body.
With temperatures of 80 to 105 degrees Celsius, the Finnish sauna is one of the hottest of all sauna types.
At Spa Sensuel Zurich, you sweat in a sauna made of solid Nordic spruce wood. A natural stone stove serves as the heat source and we use pure essential oils in organic quality for infusions.
Sauna can be booked in addition to any massage from 45 minutes.

About 30 minutes – CHF 100

Infrared sauna – Intense and deep

The infrared sauna provides soothing warmth that literally gets under your skin.
In contrast to the classic sauna or the steam bath, the radiators of the infrared cabin do not heat the air. They heat your body from the inside out. At 40 to 60 degrees Celsius, the so-called deep heat is created. This reaches into the muscles and vision and has a positive effect on the immune system, circulation and metabolism.
Sauna can be booked in addition to any massage from 45 minutes.

About 30 minutes – CHF 100

Steam sauna – Mild and humid

The steam sauna at Spa Sensuel Zurich is a balanced and harmonious mixture between the conventional Finnish sauna and the Turkish steam bath.
The steam sauna belongs to the low-temperature saunas. This is a particularly mild and gentle form of sauna. Here you sweat at 45 to 55 degrees Celsius and a humidity of about 50 percent.
The steam sauna promotes well-being, relaxation and regeneration.
Sauna can be booked in addition to any massage from 45 minutes.

About 30 minutes – CHF 100

You should also know

  • We use natural, organic sauna products, brushes and sponges made of natural materials.
  • All utensils, as well as seating and lying surfaces are thoroughly cleaned before and after each sauna session.
  • The masseuse accompanies you during the sauna.
  • Respectful, mindful reciprocal touch is welcome. However, your masseuse’s personal boundaries must be accepted and respected at all times.
  • The duration of the sauna does not count towards the massage time and will be added.
  • Fresh sauna and shower towels, bathrobe and disposable slippers, hairdryer and numerous body care products are available to you in the studio.
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