Water Rituals

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Your Sensual Indulgence Program

Water is a special element. It is our elixir of life, it soothes, cleans and regenerates at the same time. Water also means recreation and relaxation, sensuality and naturalness.

Before you go to the pre-warmed and lovingly prepared massage place, we invite you to leave everyday stress and worries behind with a relaxing water ritual.

By candlelight, fragrant essences and soft music, your enchanting masseuse will pamper you with a slow and soothing wash. You can let go completely and get in the mood for the upcoming massage. Enjoy the gentle touches in the water and look forward to a sensual journey.

Foot Bath – Beneficial for the whole body

The foot bath is the pampering ritual for the feet, coupled with a beneficial effect on the entire body.

You may lean back comfortably and let yourself be pampered with a warm herbal foot bath, a refreshing peeling and a deeply relaxing foot massage.

Afterwards, make yourself comfortable on the massage island and enjoy many sensual touches and caresses all over your body.


The foot bath can be booked in addition to any massage.

About 10 minutes – CHF 40

Shower ritual – A unique experience

The shower ritual is a unique, refreshing and invigorating experience and a wonderful introduction to the subsequent erotic massage.

Let the restlessness and all distractions and disturbing thoughts flow away with the warm water on you.

Enjoy loving and gentle touches all over your body, the tingling of the soap lather on your skin and the tender attention of your masseuse.

The shower ritual can be booked in addition to any massage.

About 10 minutes – CHF 50

Bathing ritual – The pampering of the extra class

Before you enjoy a dreamlike massage, you may deeply relax in a warm, fragrant bubble bath, let go and let your soul dangle.

Your enchanting masseuse will accompany you.

While you are carried by the water, she will pamper you with a sensual washing in a class of its own and a pleasant head and neck massage.

In addition, you can enjoy sweet delicacies and juicy fruits in a very relaxed way.

The bathing ritual can be booked in addition to any massage from 45 minutes.

About 20 minutes – CHF 100

You should also know

  • We use natural, organic soaps and bath products, including brushes and sponges made of natural materials.
  • All bathing accessories, the shower and the bathtub are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after each water ritual.
  • Your masseuse will join you for every ritual.
  • Water rituals do not count towards the massage time and will be added to the final cost.
  • The studio provides fresh bath towels, robes, slippers and ample body care products.
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