Lingam Massage

by Spa Sensuel | 27. December 2019

What is a lingam massage?

The lingam massage at Spa Sensuel Zurich is a sexual massage for men – the massage of the penis and testicles.
It offers you the opportunity to discover new and unknown aspects of male lust and to find a deeper access to the power of your sexuality. To experience your sensuality freely and to enjoy it intensively and uninhibited.

What’s “lingam”?

The term “lingam” comes from Sanskrit and literally means “symbol”, “mark” or “pillar of light”. In Hinduism, Lingam is revered and respected as a symbol for the god Shiva and the universal creative force.
In neo-tantric practice, the penis is affectionately called lingam.

The massage flow

Traditionally, the lingam massage is the crowning glory of a tantra massage. At Spa Sensuel Zurich we integrate this special experience into any erotic massage of your choice.
The lingam massage begins with a sensual and soothing massage of the entire body. Your intimate area is included in the massage from the very beginning. The sexual energy begins to flow and erotic tension is slowly built up.
Your masseuse will combine classical, alternative techniques and body-to-body elements into a unique massage creation, which will result in a long, enjoyable intimate massage. Alternating between arousal and relaxation, dynamic movements and gentle touches, penis and testicles are massaged and pampered with countless refined grips. According to your wishes, the Lingam massage can end in deep relaxation or culminate in an intoxicating, extended climax.

What many men do not know

Like feet or ears, the lingam also has reflex zones. Here energy pathways run and important acupuncture and acupressure points are located. Skilful and conscious lingam massage has a strengthening and harmonising effect on the whole organism. It activates self-healing powers, dissolves blockages and allows the life energy to flow freely again.

Who is the Lingam massage for?

For men who want to enjoy an extensive intimate massage to the full and experience overwhelming highlights. For men who want to discover new aspects of sexuality. For men who want to explore the spiritual level of sexuality.

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