Prostate Massage For The Man

by Spa Sensuel | 29. April 2020

What is meant by a prostate massage?

The prostate massage is a lustful, erotic stimulation of the prostate. It opens the door to new, often unknown and exciting sexual experiences and new erotic sensations. Combined with a lingam massage (penis massage), it can lead to a deep and stormy orgasm.

What is the prostate and where is it located?

The prostate – also known as the male G-spot – is one of the most important glands in the male body. It is located in the middle of the pelvic floor below the bladder and is the size of a chestnut when healthy. The function of the prostate gland is to produce part of the ejaculate that ensures the survival of the sperm in the vagina.
You can experience a prostate massage at Spa Sensuel Zurich with any sensual-erotic massage of your choice, which lasts 60 minutes or longer.
Before your masseuse takes care of your prostate, she will prepare your entire body for relaxation and loosen the muscles. Especially on the back, legs and bottom. The most comfortable way to receive a prostate massage is on your stomach, in a lateral position or kneeling down. The stimulation begins from the outside with a soothing and pleasurable perineal and anal massage and slowly and smoothly passes into the gentle inner massage. From this moment on the massage is completely individual. Your masseuse will respond to your body and its reactions with great sensitivity and will arrange the massage according to your feelings and wishes.

Types of prostate massage

We distinguish between a direct, an indirect prostate massage and prostate milking.
In direct massage, a finger protected by a fingerstall or disposable glove is inserted into the anus and the gland is directly stimulated.
In the indirect massage, we reach the prostate from the outside by massaging the area between the penis and the scrotum with the fingers, or with a vibrator.
Prostate milking is a special type of direct prostate stimulation. It is mainly practiced in the BDSM area. The prostate is stimulated with a finger or a massage stick. The aim is to ensure that the seminal fluid comes out of the penis without orgasm. At Spa Sensuel Zurich you can experience prostate milking as part of a Bizarre Massage.

Do you have to prepare for a prostate massage?

Take a warm shower and clean your bottom and anus thoroughly with soap. This is quite sufficient. No special preparation is necessary.

The taboo on anal pleasure

The pleasure of lustful anal stimulation is often equated with homosexuality. Many men therefore reject this unique experience from the outset. However, the pleasure of anal and prostate massage has nothing to do with sexual inclination, but with our physiology. The rectum contains one of the largest nerve bundles in the male body – stimulation simply feels good and pleasant. Whether you are homo- hetero- bi- or indecisive-sexual.

Prostate massage promotes health

A healthy prostate is essential for a holistic male sexuality. Skilful touching and stimulation of the prostate helps prevent prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction and difficulty urinating. Regular, loving massage can therefore significantly reduce the need for medical measures. In addition, prostate massage promotes lasting physical and mental relaxation.

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