Yoni Massage

by Spa Sensuel | 21. July 2020

What is a yoni massage?

The Yoni Massage is a mindful massage of the female genital area. It knows over 30 different massage techniques and stimulates around 7000 nerve endings in the female genital area. The Yoni Massage is a holistic and deeply touching experience. It leads the woman to the sources of her feminine strength and sensuality, promotes a positive self-image and strengthens self-confidence.

What does “yoni” mean?

Yoni is a beautiful Sanskrit word and means “resting place”, “spring” or “clock jump”. In the classical Tantric teachings the yoni represents the universal receiving and giving birth force of nature, the creative energy.
In neo-Tantric practice, the entire female intimate area is lovingly called the yoni.

Courage to try new things

The sensitive touch of your entire intimate area may be an unusual, completely new experience for you. At Spa Sensuel Zurich we create an intimate and safe space for you, where you feel comfortable and well looked after. In the attentive company of your masseuse, you can arrive, let go and devote yourself to the new experience. Be brave and adventurous. Have the courage!

The flow of the Yoni Massage

Traditionally the Yoni Massage is a part of the holistic Tantra Massage. At Spa Sensuel Zurich we integrate this special experience into every sensual massage we offer and are happy to cater to your individual wishes and ideas. To ensure that the needs of the female body are optimally met, we recommend a massage duration of at least 90 minutes.

In preparation for the Yoni Massage, a mindful, holistic touch of the entire body is immensely important. Therefore, the intimate massage is always embedded in a soothing full body massage. Depending on the type and duration of the massage, hot towels, soft feathers, fluffy skins, warm lava stones and other pampering elements can also be used. When you are deeply relaxed and have arrived in your body, the yoni massage can begin.
In a sensitive way and at a gentle pace, the yoni is awakened, stimulated and massaged from the outside with many refined grip techniques and with them extensively. Your masseuse respects your limits at every moment and makes sure that you feel comfortable. You can simply surrender to the waves of lust and enjoy yourself freely and uninhibitedly.

Intimate massage is healthy

Through regular massage, the blood circulation of the yoni is promoted, the tissue becomes more elastic, tension and hardenings are released. This can alleviate menstrual cramps, cramps and premenstrual syndrome.
The Taoist teachings also describe various reflex zones in the vagina that reflect the organs of the body. Through touch and massage, energy pathways to these organs are activated. This has a positive effect on all body systems and strengthens female immunity.

Get to know and enjoy your body anew

The Yoni Massage promotes an intimate connection with your own body and opens the way to a lustful and fulfilled sexuality. During the massage you slowly come into a state of letting go – a deep physical and mental relaxation. In this state you will perceive your body and your yoni more consciously and intensively than ever before. You discover and explore your preferences, erogenous zones and sensitive areas of the body and deal with your sensations.
Through the mindful and loving intimate massage all areas of the yoni are gradually awakened and sensitized. Gradually it blossoms and unfolds its full capacity for sensation and enjoyment. This gives you a new body feeling and enriches your sexuality sustainably.

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